Our Visit To Te Manawa

We have had a great visit to Te Manawa. In class we have been learning about toys and games from the past up until today, and at Te Manawa we learnt that some toys, such as fidget spinners, that we thought were really modern were actually invented some time ago. We got to try out lots of toys and games and this was so much fun.

Here we are sorting out how old some toys and games are.

We all loved making this robot walk in different directions.

This game is like a giant marble run. It is great fun and you can make up your own design.

We loved going to visit the Art Gallery after we had our lunch. Some of the art we saw were by ex - Winchester school students.

Sunflower Art

We have loved creating our sunflowers. We learnt how to do quilling and we used this technique to create the sunflower seed head.

Discovery Time in Term Two

We all love Discovery Time so much. It is so much fun trying out different activities.


We are loving learning how to skip as part of our P.E. programme in Term Two.  We skip in time to music and we are learning how to do a variety of different skipping actions.

Toys and Games Inquiry Research

In Term 2 we are learning all about toys and games from the past and comparing them to the toys and games children enjoy playing with today.
Here are some photos of some of our favourite toys. We brought them along to school and we had a fun time showing them to the rest of the class.

This is Mrs Day's favourite toy from when she was a little girl.