Discovery Time in Term 4

Discovery Time is always a happy time for all the children.  Everyone likes the freedom to choose out of all the options available.

This is 'Reflection Time' when we show the class what we have done during Discovery Time and we say if we have met the goals that were set at the beginning of the session.

Wearable Art Show

We have loved participating in a 'Wearable Art Show' today. The whole school was in the Hall to watch. Those taking part had to walk down a long catwalk and give a twirl around at the end and walk all the way back. It was great fun and we all looked fantastic!

Reading Group Plays

Participating in class plays is a great way for us to practise using expression when reading. Here are some photos of a play that was acted out this past week.

Dance With Tania Kopytko

We were lucky to have a special dance lesson with Tania Kopytko. She came to Winchester School for a day and took all of the Middle Team classes for dance lessons and in the afternoon she took the Senior Team's dance group.

Here are some photos of us learning to use our knowledge about the river and its pollution problems in an expressive dance routine.

The Water Cycle

As part of our learning about water we have been creating posters showing our understanding of the water cycle. Here are some photos of us working together in groups.

Visiting The Reservoir And Water Treatment Plant

As part of our learning about water the Middle Team visited the Turitea reservoir and water treatment plant.  We learnt such a lot and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Printing Rotation

In Week 6 we had a fun time doing an art 'Printing Rotation' between all the Middle Team classes. We got to create 4 different pieces of printing art. Here are some photos of us busy at work.