Life Saving And Survival Skills

It has been great fun going swimming most days for the past six weeks. We have been in different groups learning skills and learning to be more confident in the water. We really enjoyed learning different ways to survive in the water and how to rescue someone who is in difficulty in the water.
Here are some photos of us learning how to rescue someone.

Basketball with Miles

We have loved learning basketball skills with Miles every Thursday for the last five weeks. We all love basketball and we have really improved.

Rimu Team 'Camp'

The Rimu Team has had a great two days participating in lots of camp-like activities.
On Thursday morning we were meant to walk to the Esplanade and then to the Lido but it turned out to be a rainy day so instead we had a wonderful Discovery Time, and then we caught buses to the Lido in the afternoon.

Here are some photos of part of our Discovery Time.

On the Thursday afternoon we had a fantastic time at the Lido.

Maths - Survey Time

We have had fun in class finding out all sorts of things about all the children in Room 14.

We each decided what we wanted to find out and we enjoyed doing lots of class surveys.
Here are some photos of us conducting our surveys.

After we had finished our surveys we sorted out all our information we had gathered by making bar graphs.
We now know the most favourite ice cream flavours, the most favourite makes of cars and the most favourite sports, plus lots more favourite things.  We think Maths is fun!

Right Choices

We have been discussing ways we can make 'Right Choices' in class. Here are some photos of us acting out some of the different ways we can make 'Right Choices'.

We can make 'Right Choices' by drinking plenty of water during the day.

We can make 'Right Choices' by picking up rubbish, even if it isn't our own rubbish.
We can make 'Right Choices' by packing up the games we play in class.
We can make 'Right Choices' by being a good listener to the teacher.
We can make 'Right Choices' by playing nicely together.

We can make 'Right Choices' by putting on sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun.
We can make 'Right Choices' by wearing our school sun hats outside.

We can make 'Right Choices' by thinking of others before ourselves.

Welcome to Room 14 2018

This is our Room 14 class this year. Most of us are Year 3 children but six of us are Year 2's. We are a great class and we have settled in really well.